query comprehensions ?


Oh, Paul is such a tease !!  


People will be asking what are “query comprehensions”, what are “object initializers”, and what’s this really cool dynamic programming that VB’s getting that C# isn’t ?

Well I’m not allowed to tell ya, at least not till after PDC.  I think it’s because if those script kiddies got wind of what VB has planned they’d be either crying or rioting in the streets (or both).    We all remember that shameful commotion some folk made when they saw how cool E&C was in VB.NET.  We certainly don’t want to encourage more of that.  So if you think you might be one of those folks who gets envious of all the cool stuff VB.NET Orcas will have, don’t be upset, you too can be part of the next wave, just brush up on your VB.NET skills today 🙂  Oh, and you might want to catch Paul’s session at PDC …