No wonder Geoff is having a hard time finding a VB dev ..


well apart from the fact that VB developers are in huge demand as most are already gainfully employed (versus those homeless elvis impersonators), I think Geoff might be asking the wrong question or expecting the wrong answer 😉


I read Geoff’s “answer” to the difference between GET and POST, and my “response” was to fall asleep, wake up and reply “next candidate please” <bg>.   sure Geoff was technically correct, but where was the relevance ?  I want an answer that is relevant, not some friggin RFC synopsis.  What answer would I expect ? well something like  …


You can use both GET and POST, there’s pro’s and con’s to both approaches.  GET is basically just a URL, so the user can save that as a favourite, it can show in their history, and they can usually navigate back and forward without having to re-submit the form.  These can be good in some scenarios, but bad in others, depending on the design.  One major drawback of GET, is that it has a finite limit, 1024 chars I think, but that may have just been a known bug in IE.

POST on the other hand, doesn’t have that limit on the data being sent back, but it doesn’t haven’t the ability to save as a favourite etc.


Now that’s not a technical RFC bore me to death answer, it’s an answer though that shows me they know why GET and POST is relevant.

Oh, and if they said “HEAD… isn’t that Bill’s blog”, well an instant HIRE !!!




UPDATE :  the actual maximum length for a URL is 2083 chars and max path is 2048 chars in IE.

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  1.   Geoff Appleby on August 19th, 2005          

    You’re so right dude. Really really right. If they said it was bill’s blog, they’d be hired smile

    The answer you give there is a whole lot more than I was hoping to hear. I really just wanted people to show that they had even a slight inkling. Of the people interviewed so far, one had heard of them but didn’t know what they were, the others hadn’t even heard of them.

    As for my boring description of it, tough I was trying to give a fair technical summary for the googlers I’d seen come in, not keep you awake. However, do you mind if i copy and paste your summary into my post as well (attributed, of course) for those weirdass googlers that _don’t_ want the technical version?