Aussie Customs software debacle

The Australian Customs launched a new processing system this week.  The software originally was budgeted at $33 million dollars, blew-out to $250 Milliona dollars.  The system itself seems to be causing huge headaches and major delays.   it’s also had major security issues such as displaying user information including pricing information to other users.  The system was designed to be scalable and secure – yeh right  

So what platform was used  ? A: IBM mainframe , DB2, and  websphere java.  Brief specs can be found here.



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  1.   Kevin Ryall on October 23rd, 2005          

    You should see the amount of money we’re currently wasting in Ireland on hugely ambitious computer systems that appear to be basically managed by consultants – in this case Deloitte & Touche (along with IBM):,10801,105468,00.html

    I’ve always found SAP to be ridiculously limited and unwieldy anyway, but it takes real talent to spend this much money implementing it and still basically produce nothing…