Lisa Feigenbaum does snippets ..

Lisa’s on channel 9 with a video explaining snippets.  Some good parts to watch are:

  • 9:50 in or so, Lisa shows how to use the shortcut menu for snippets.  This is MUST know TV if you don’t already know this.

  • 17:40 drag and dropping snippets into the IDE

  • 33:00 the VB Snippet Editor !!  (and mentions me smile )

I would like to point out to folks though the Snippet Editor Lisa demo’d is the old version.  The new one is still a source code only at gotdotnet.  it’s in feature lock down at present, as we are about to release a RTM version.  The source code is built with a RTM build, so won’t work with Beta 2 or earlier.  Some new features in the the up coming release of the Snippet Editor are:

  • integrated file management.  The snippet editor has a treeview that shows all installed collections and allows you to add new paths, add new snippets, delete snippets, remove paths, and use drag and drop to organise snippets .

  • Search facility !!   You can search for a keyword or phrase in snippets. The Snippet Editor searches the title, description, keywords and code for matches and filters the treeview to show only the matches.  you can then enter in another search term and filter the treeview further.

  • Export to .vsi.  You can export a snippet to a .VSI . This make it easy to share oyur snippets with friends.

More on that Snippet Editor in up coming weeks smile

Oh, and to the guys who posted on Channel 9 sayign how Lisa is very pretty… well I’m not sure how appropiate that is, but let me tell ya she’s even way more charming in person.


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  1.   Stewart Button on October 24th, 2005          

    Love snippets! So much of the coding we do is based on snippets already – putting a collection of confirmed ones in the IDE will be a big time saver.

    Hopefully C# catches up on this!