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I think I can, I think I can …..

yesterday (boxing day) I woke feeling rather lazy, no doubt something to do with the previous days xmas celebrations and all that lovely crayfish and prawns and xmas cake [;)] So I deciced it might go for a bike ride. I had bought myslef a new bike for my birthday a couple of months ago but hadn’t […]

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More C# Elvis impersonators

I often joke with friends about the Elvis impersonators in regards to C#.  Why? Well because C# was marketed much to its original code name of “Cool”, the new cool language.  And if you are a crappy programmer all the better. You could walk away from any previous code, and “pretend” to be cool. Sadly for C# […]

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having fun with code coverage

If you’re lucky enough to have one of the team editions of Visual Studio 2005, you’ve probably got unit testing built in (well unless you’ve got the architect version).  I must admit, I’m not big on test driven development, but I do like code testing and LOVE code coverage.  So a fun thing you can […]

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