Get the latest VB LINQ bits !!

The VB LINQ preview has been updated, and now includes support for XML even better as well as DLINQ support and a version of sqlmetal that will generate both VB and C# classes.  But wait, there’s more ….. 

The VB team actually wants to hear from YOU !!

So download today and give them your feedback.

some of the thigns they want to hear from you about are the whole XML experience, and the general LINQ syntax, such as whether it be Select … From .. or From … Select…    I make not pretence in being neutral on the latter, I’m strongly in the it has to be “From… Select …” camp.  I actually think it should be “From …[Select …]”, where []’s mean that Select is Optional, and if ommited it’s like returning * From.

Anyway, download the bits and have a play.  It is reasonably saf to install on your main machine.  But be ware that when you uninstall you will need to recompile exisitng projects.  Probably best not to be distributing projects built on your machine you have the preview installed on.


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  1.   Norman Rasmussen on February 16th, 2006          

    I’ve just downloaded the preview, and I’ve only found two problems:

    – VS and IIS refuse to interoperate (compile Mutex bug) – I think this is .net framework issue, might be made worse because of non-admin user rights.
    – IIS wants to use ‘old’ vbc.exe to compile pages. I had to copy the ‘linq’ vbc.exe into the framework\2\bin folder to get it to work.

    Otherwise it looks like I’m all ready to get coding.