Cookies in IE drive me crazy

Why is it that IE has so limited functionality around cookies ?    One of  the big benifits of cookies is preserving your settings, yet in IE they just chuck all the cookies in the one path and only offer functionality to delete the lot.  It’s very much a format your machine when one app plays up approach.  And it’s a real PITA.

For example, yesterday I had problems with a web site that was saving a cookie that kept trying to log me in on the wrong account.  The only way ot fix this was to delete that//those cookies.  But how do you do that ?  Am I meant ot wade through the list of cookies, sort them by site or something and delete them. Sure I s’pose I could do that, but it’s not what I would call user friendly. 

Sadly, in IE7, they’ve got even worse.  They now have a let’s nuke everything button, which is great, but doesn’t solve the problems that people who do consistently work on the same machine face.

So picture this…  a little cookie icon down on the status bar.  It would give an indication of the cookies being used (or not) and provide a jump point to go straight to your privacy settings.  It could also display a filtered list of cookies coming from that site.  But here’s the important part…

It would have two menu items …  one would be “Delete all cookies from this site” and the other would be “Save cookies from this site

When you click on the “Delete all cookies from this site” it woudl do exactly that, allowing you to reset the current site with a single click.  Then you wouldn’t have the misery I am currently wading through of having to re-apply cookies for all my frequently visited sites, just because of one lame site.
The other menu item, “Save cookies form this site” would put the cookies from the current site into a special folder such that it would not get deleted with the other cookies or internet cache

.  The conept is pretty simple, it’s a “hey I like this site, I will usei t again, so I want IE to treat settings for this site as specially, seperate from all the rif-raf”.  It’s that, let’s make the web very much like usign an application.

Doesn’t sound too hard to me, yet there is absolutely no sign of this in IE7 🙁  

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  1.   Marc Brooks on February 6th, 2006          

    You can do it NOW in IE 6 by installing the Developer Toolbar. Just download and install this:

    Then turn on the toolbar, click the Misc menu option and enjoy your bliss 🙂

  2.   Bill on February 6th, 2006          

    thanks Marc,

    that kind of helps. Pity it means I have to allow 3rd party browser extensions, which is something I much prefer to turn off.
    anywya, it is proof of concept and shows they have the code to do it today easily enough. All they need to do is integrate it into IE7