MSDN subscription annoyances continue

Last month when I went to update my MSDN DVD collection, I faced the rude awakening that the “New and Removed Products” page was seriously broken.  The search doesn’t go past October 2005.
I asked in the private forums, no response. I asked MSDN online concierge.. they couldn’t tell me.  I even asked our own Frank Arrigo, and yet still no response.
<black helicopters>
Is this some kind of perverted conspiracy ?  Is it so MS can remove products hoping you won’t realize until it is too late ?
What ever the reason, it’s a real pain in the you know where.  It would be nice to know which DVD’s have products on them you might want to or actually NEED to archive.

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  1.   Frank Arrigo on March 14th, 2006          

    we’re onto it!!!!

    answer forthcoming.

  2.   James van Eaton, MSDN & TechNet Subscriptions on March 14th, 2006          

    I wish it were so exciting! A system change in October broke this functionality. An update to the code is expected to be dropped at the end of this month (March) that will bring it back for all intervening months.

    A similar issue affected the TechNet Subscriptions Index which is expected to get this functionality with the same drop, however it will only work from the April shipment forward.

  3.   Bill on March 14th, 2006          

    Thanks Frank. Thanks James 🙂

    to keep it interesting I’ll jsut tell folk it’s because of the upvoming merger of Sun and MS 😉