Long live Mort :)

Well not really.  But it has been interesting to watch the storm in a teacup over personas, the last day or so.  What’s really weird is the best post I have read on the matter has been by Paul !! 😉
I’m not going to go into Scott Belaware’s post, but saying it read like an axe to grind is putting it mildly.  I thought it strange that Robert on his new positive momentum even gave it the time of day.
From my perspective, I’ve had various discussions with the VB team over the years, including ones about “Mort”.  In particular the name “Mort” 😉  Having the persona there though as a reference point I think has actually been good because we can often get to absorbed with esoteric features, just because they are (a) the latest programming fashion, or (b) they just seem like powerful features even if so rarely used.

Programming//developing, is about the 90% case scenarios. It is about getting the job done, so personas that are based on real day to day tasks are a good grounding .  Personas are not who a person is, rather they are about a task that a person is doing.  And logically, the tasks of creating frameworks should be less often than the tasks of applying them. 

Anyway, my opinion is that personas have been used wisely much of the time, not always though.  But you need to have a basing on who the target audience is, and that means grouping together a set of common scenarios and tasks and labeling them. A persona makes the scenarios personal which is a good thing, because rather than focus on the tasks we focus on the human interaction with the tasks.
So I say long live Mort, I just wish you had a better name 😉