Lubricants (oils aint oils sul)

With the onset of winter here I haven’t been riding my bike much (at all !!).  I’ve got too much on, and the weather is rarely conducive to an enjoyable ride.  So since my last 1000 km for the season post, I think I’ve only added 500 or 600 km.  Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was lubricants. 
I ride a lot on gravel tracks, some dirt and some sand. Sand is really a lot of fun, it’s an art to itself, and just about always makes me laugh.  but with wet lubricants I was running into a lot of gear problems, and even had chain follow through a couple of times.  Chain follow through is when the chain sticks to the front cog and tries to wrap around it. 
So 500 km or so ago I changed to a dry lube, ProLink.  My first impressions was it was really good. I didn’t say anything at the time though as I really wanted to “road test” it.  It really is a fantastic lubricant. I can give the bike a quick hose down and it’s fine to ride again, instead of having to just about degrease it like you do with wet lubes.  Really easy to maintain.  But alas, there’s no free lunch…
today was/is such a beautiful day I thought I’d ride to the shops. It’s a 24 km round trip, although I can make it more, and vary the intensity depending which hills I decide to take.  Thing was I hadn’t ridden in weeks, and my bike had been sitting in the shed all this time, and I had probably washed it down quickly after my last ride, but hadn’t stopped ot lubricate it.  The result … CHAIN RUST !!
I’ve heard others say the same about ProLink, as in it is not a good lube if you are going to over winter your bike.  That being said, it only took me 3 or 4 minutes to get the chain clean again and in top condition by just applying some ProLink and then wiping the chain down with a rag (running the chain backwards through it).  And because ProLink cleans as it lubes, the chain was nice and shiny again in no time and ran perfectly.
So all in all, I highly recommend ProLink, with of course the caveat of over wintering your bike, or leaving it for a long time after it got wet without re-lubing.  Oh, speaking of which, re-lubing is basically put a few drops of oil on a rag and run the chain backwards through it.  No mess, and your chain is always nice and clean and well lubed !!