Reasons to TechEd, 1, 2,3 …

Geoff, Mitch, Glav and Damien have all listed their politically correct reasons to attend TechEd. 
Now here’s for the real ressons….    😉

1. It’s all about the shirts !!

Be it geek shirts, or the brightMambo ones, TechEd is definitely all about the shirts, especially the Tshirts !!  The brighter they are, the more stylier they are, the more folks reckon there’s some worth remembering.  the T’s can really tell you a lot about how serious a company is, and how things are going for them.  If things are good, expect to see high quality pure cotton T’s.  If things are not so good, they’ll probably start going for synthetics 😉  Last year for example Microsoft was facing delays with Vista.  when those kind of things happen to big companies for some reason they often start pinching pennies in the strangest places.. no more free towels for softies in Redmond, and what I think was a first ever, the T’s were poly blends !!!  (say no more <g>) 
This year feels like it should be all cotton 🙂

2. Office friendly projectiles

Seriously what geek can resist  indoor projectiles ?  🙂  these demonstrate an understanding that it’s about having fun.  you can tell how “smartz” a company is by the type of projectiles they have.  Water pistols is a big no no round hardware, whereas spud guns that limit the damage to bruised corneas all good 🙂 Soft frisbees, snurf guns, indoor sports.  These are the symbols of people friendly companies.

3. Booth Babes !!!!!

Without doubt, the real show talk is about the booth babes.   Seriously, you get Jessica Alba at a booth and you can get guys lined up to buy copies of Os2 Warp !!  The number of times guys can be in a geek conversation and be so easily distracted is really amazing 🙂  Of course for vendors who don’t have booth babes, they have to rely on freebies, cool gizmos, hot cars (yes there were cars in the exhibitors hall one year:) ), but even still it really is all about the booth babes.
So there ya have it, just a few of the politically incorrect reasons to attend TechEd.  (note I didn’t say a thing about the dancing girls and laser pointers <g>)