Vista impressions

Seems folks everywhere are talking about the latest Vista build… Here’s my impressions :
– setting the time zone on install didn’t change the system clock !!! Yeh, at last !!!!!
– stupid startup sound played 3 times before I could mute the sounds.  And it played damn loud.  this sucks.  you’d think MS would realize that geeks tend to install these things in the middle of the night, and at least have a “silent” start option.
– once installed I had to update video drivers.  the NVIDIA drivers worked but kept getting reset on reboot. I managed to work around this by disabling application controlled settings in the NVIDIA profile.
– I really dislike the number of clicks it takes to set the screen resolution.  IT use to be right click on the desktop, set it and go. Now it’s right click, look at some weird “personalize” screen which seems to have too much information, IMO (and little to no substance).  this window then spawns *yet another window* where you change the settings.  And although there is only one tab in that window, there is still one tab in that window.  Yes it’s like they just hid the tabs from the usual display settings, and increased the number of windows, the number of clicks I have to make to get there.  F’ing stupid. Zero innovation. Nothing easier or better there, actually all harder.
I don’t see why they didn’t put the single tab inside the explorer window, and make that a new smarter tabs on the left//explorer bar//”folder tasks” kind of access to the property pages. It looks like they almost went that way and decided to only half go there 🙁
– sound volume.. where have all the levels gone ???
– network status.  Geez, so many clicks just to see the status.  Why ?
– system properties.  Oh this one was too funny.  Like display properties they have intercepted the call to a new explorer window (local web page kind of thing).  When you finally click enough times/places you get to system properties, and guess what you have four tabs in there.  So they have this confusing UI of having the tab have four items, yet those four items are actually listed in the explorer window as four different items.  compared to the display settings, it’s not consistent.  and it’s also lame.  why is it these simple things take many more clicks to get to ?
– explorer.  Faster than in previous versions, probably on par with XP now (maybe a bit slower, although that might just be the way it’s drawn)  It’s still hard to use the normal explorer tree, although slightly getting better.  Hopefully before it ships it will recognize that when I decide to use folder tree view exploration, it should accept that as being the main thing I am doing and allow to maximize the tree part of that window easily, as well as have it open maximized by default.
– turning off themes … ah so much nicer except things like the welcome screen now just show an empty band that takes up half the explorer window, which means you can’t turn off the welcome screen with themes turned off.
– sidebar. I turned off the sidebar, and on next boot I ended up with gadgets everywhere on the desktop. ahhhhhh.
So basically that was my first hour or so with the latest build of Vista.  Nice to see some speed improvement in explorer, but overall, I find the Ui a lot more work for things I already know how to do.