Calibri font – be GONE !!

almost a month ago I posted about the annoyances of Calibri font if you don’t have font smoothing and clear type turned on.  Sadly, I’m seeing it more and more even in some mailing lists as people try out Office 2007 and Vista.  What’s worse is I don’t think people realize just how friggin bad that font looks without font smoothing.. here’s a hint .. IT’S FRIGGIN UNREADABLE !!!
No without doubt it’s not the user’s fault, it’s clearly Microsoft’s.  They designed it to be that way.  You think they’d at least have a system that was smart enough to say… oh, font smoothing isn’t turned on, let’s fallback to a reasonable font.  But no, this is one of those force the change on everyone kind of crap moves that just disenfranchises people bit by bit.  Can you tell that I’m annoyed yet ?  Well if not, just send a big FU to the people who decided to push such a crap font as the default on a system that’s too stupid to correct itself based on the user’s settings !!

Okay, rant over.. time to get on with life and being happy 🙂  And guess what ?  Well thanks to those incredibly smart Microsofties who wrote Windows 3.1 you can say FU to Office 2007 default fonts.  What incredible fore-sight that crew had !!!!  🙂

Yes the magic of FontSubstitiutes

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]
Funny thing is this is the first time I’ve ever had to use it, and the cause was not a 3rd party, instead it was Microsoft.


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  1.   mike on October 3rd, 2006          

    hmm, I never have smoothing / clear-type turned on – pixel-perfect system-font works for me.
    thanks for the tip on font substitution.

  2.   Grant - (GT) on November 17th, 2006          

    I used the microsoft 2007 Office and found that with clear type effect on; it does look better that “Times New Roman” as it is clearer to read. I think that people don’t like the transition sometimes but I agree, you should not be expected to just jump in line because a company like Microsofts says so.

    Nice registry referance and informative rant.

    Thamk you