more on Calibri font ..

Thanks to some checking with other folks with similar hardware, it appears the issues I’ve been seeing with Calibri font are most probably a software issue.  So *some* of my criticism of the choice of Calibri may well have been misplaced, except that there isn’t an obvious way to track down the problem and fix it.. in fact I can’t even find the source of those fonts on my tablet PC to start off with.  So basically is still sucks, just the probable cause of why the font sucks has shifted 🙁

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  1.   Jonathan Allen on October 6th, 2006          

    I hit had my first experience trying to read a blog that used that font. I literally got a headache from it.

    A headache, just from reading a stupid MS blog! Is that grounds for a class-action suit based on reckless endangerment and negligence?