Tagged. 5 things about me..

the charming Beth Massi tagged me so I got no choice but to pass on the meme…
5 things about me:
  1. I’m currently spending my summer working as a fulltime fire fighter.  It’s a nice change of pace (mid life crisis) and I get to see lots of lovely country side 😉
  2. I have a background in Environmental engineering, and even won a couple of awards at university for best academic performance
  3. my birthday is the same as Bill Gates’  (Oct 28)
  4. like Beth I love bike riding, except I ride on the other side of the planet in the Otway ranges but only manage one or two thousand kilometres a year
  5. one of my other favourite past times in gardening, especially fruit and vegies. Favourite flowers are proteas and banksias.
now who to tag ?  Seems a lot of folk have already been tagged, but looks like the following haven’t (yet) : Rocky Lhotka, Paul Vick, Paul Yuk, Scott Swiggart & Don Kiely