Cider and C#

while playing with the latest Orcas CTP I decided to try out the WPF editor tools, aka Cider.  With VB it’s not too bad, although you do have to build before switching to the code view if you want full code editing support.  In C# though the experience is completely lame.
Here’s a simple example. Let’s say you add a button to a window and want to wire up the button’s click event.  In VB you build, switch to code editor view and select button1 from the drop down list and then select which ever event you want to wire up, e.g. Click and presto the code is created for you. 
In C# no such luck.  In C# you have to navigate to the code view via solution explorer (right click and selecting code view doesn’t appear to work), then add a method with the right signature yourself with no help from the IDE, then switch back to the XAML code view and manually add the Click event method name to the XAML mark-up. What a friggin joke.  If you are a C# user I feel even more sorry for you than usual <bg>
So if you are using the latest Orcas CTP, best try using VB if you want to be productive with WPF 🙂

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  1.   JosephCooney on March 2nd, 2007          

    In C# I go to the window loaded handler, begin typing the control name, let intellisense complete it for me, then press the dot and the first couple of letters of the event name and let intellisense do if for me again. Then += and a few tabs later I’ve got my event handler. I think you’d be hard-pressed to notice a huge productivity difference. I wish the cider designer would use the common “F7” keyboard shortcut to go from xaml/designer view to code-behind.