What does your car say about you ?

Sometimes cars seem to manifest certain personas about their owners, be it the hippy volkswagen,  through to the hoon car. Well yesterday I think I noticed one I hadn’t really seen before. It could be just coincidence of course …..
Yesterday morning, Easter Sunday, my pager went off to attend a car accident.  A local bloke had wrapped his car around a tree and was pinned inside. He had to be extracted and air lifted to hospital.
So a few of us got the job of diverting traffic around the scene while the SES guys did their job.  Basically people had to detour a couple of minutes out of their way.  And for the most part people were really good; some were concerned, others just happy to detour.  Most people that is.
Strangely enough we had two drivers who seemed to think that shouldn’t apply to them, and acted as if they were so inconvenienced :s  Pretty hard to understand really. I mean there we are, a couple of dozen members of the community giving freely of our Easter Sunday morning as part of the greater community to try to help save someone’s life. And then we have a couple of people who feel so put out at having to go a couple of minutes out of their way.  I mean really what did they expect , us to clear all the emergency vehicles off the road for them ? <g>
the one thing I realised later about these two drivers, was they both had expensive new cars (well probably the most expensive ones we saw that day).  Is there a correlation there ?  Is it they feel because the car cost so much they “own” the road. Does new expensive car equate to the “arrogant” driver ?

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  1.   Angie on April 22nd, 2007          

    Heyyyy with this car accident do you know the name of the deceased? i just heard that an old friend that i used to go to college with passed away on easter sunday he had a car accident..and it would be helpful to know…