March CTP and application property pages

I’ve seen a couple of people have had problems with application property pages and the March CTP.  Although I never bothered to try to isolate the problem properly, I can say I too had that and solved it by installing just the March CTP (no TSFS) on a windows XP image.  Previously I had it installed on a Vista image and the problem occurred, and I think it also occurred on the downloaded image from MS that was windows 2003 with TSFS.
So try installing the CTP on a windows XP image. 🙂

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  1.   Daniel Moth on April 14th, 2007          

    It’s a side by side issue. See my blog post.

  2.   Bill on April 14th, 2007          

    hey Daniel, Actually I had a clean install on Vista and still had the same issue, so it wasn’t a VS 2005 SxS issue.