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anonymous types and generic collections

Tim Ng has made a post about using a helper function to create a generic list for anonymous types. The code actually needs a bit of modification, it should really be :   Function MakeList(Of T)(ByVal ParamArray items() As T) As List(Of T)   Dim list As New List(Of T)   list.AddRange(items)   Return listEnd Function   You can […]

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has the MVP program lost it’s meaning ?

I was just catching up on some blog reading and I was really amazed to see some of the public discussions of the private NDA covered discussions people had at the MVP summit.  I was reading one comment about how an MVP felt ashamed to be a MVP or some nonsense because he didn’t share […]

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making sandwiches

I was just reading Julie Lerman’s blog entry about LINQ, herself and Anders et al.  I remembered chatting with the guys at Redmond Developer News on this subject, but it wasn’t till I read the article that Julie points to did I see the final quote attributed to me 🙂     

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