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Another Vb’er gets bit by Option Strict

Was just reading Julie Lerman’s blog and noticed the issue she had wouldn’t have happened if Option Strict was on.  This really highlights the problem of having implicit conversions occur at runtime.

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Thoughts on Expression Trees

I just finished writing an article about Expression Trees for Visual Studio Magazine (aka VBPJ) and there seemed to be some “holes” that I think should be plugged.  An expression tree is basically a descriptive way of representing a lambda function. The standard LINQ query operators (e.g Where Group, Join et al)  on an IQueryable […]

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VB XML schema goodness

VB9 provides intellisense support for XElement if you add the schema to the project and import the relevant namespaces.  This is just awesome !  Earlier tonight I wanted a list of shortcuts for all the snippets so I added the snippet schema to the project and the namespace imports as default:   Imports <xmlns=””>   Then I […]

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