Grape tomatoes

I haven’t grown “grape tomatoes” before. In ways they look like a cherry tomato form of romas.  They are a staking variety (indeterminate). I’m training them to have two leaders, supported by over head strings.  Judging from their growth and a couple of laterals I was slow in pinching out, it looks like they could be well suited to growing with multiple leaders.  The first couple of fruit weren’t that great tasting, kind of average mass produced cardboard tomato like you get in supermarkets <g>. But as the fruit further up the first truss ripened, and the fruit from the second truss did, the taste and texture dramatically improved.

The plant did suffer from some early blight as did three other tomato plants I bought in, but it hasn’t got into the main stem and the plants seem to be out growing it now as the weather warms up.  I didn’t spray for it, but this does mean the tomatoes will get to grow in the new part of the veggie patch next year 😉 You can see the scar in this photo from the pruning of the diseased bottom leaves, and if you look carefully you can also see the string the plant is trained around (oh, and baby celery in the immediate right)



Yield in terms on numbers looks like it will be good, but in terms of kilograms it doesn’t look like it has a chance to catch traditional staking varieties.  Sill it’s a nice tomato if you have the space. Pleasant addition to salads and a great snack while you pot around in the garden 😉