Still no assurance on VBA in office ?

Despite all the talk about VBA and whether or not it will be in the next version of office, is the message from Microsoft clear ?

On the Excel blog they claim “no plans for the removal”

On the VSTO blog they claim “the next generation of the Microsoft Office system will definitely contain all of the functionality that developers and power users expect from VBA”

The Access blog is probably the most succinct, claiming “I can assure you that VBA is not disappearing in the next release of Office”


Is there significant assurance there yet ? Perhaps, but shouldn’t we expect to see a clear and concise assurance from Microsoft on it’s web site, not just in individual blogs, and one from all of Office.  But more to the point, shouldn’t this have been made clear to customers some time ago ?


Rather than let doubt set in, Microsoft should *assure* customers what is ahead.  VBA in office is just one example.

What about VB6 runtime support in Windows 2008 or Vienna. 

Where is the customer assurance ???