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more mowers ….

This is my lawn mowing crew:   Click on the above picture and have a close look at those faces.  See the one on the left lounging around ? Notice the white moustaches ?  Do you think my lawn mowing team might have been drinking beer on the job 😉

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Early plums

Some of the early plums from this season.   There’s a couple of varieties in the basket 🙂  The blood plums are later in the season, probably a few months away yet.

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Open Containing Folder

Sara Ford writes about the “Open Containing Folder” command in Visual Studio.  I use that sometimes, but it won’t work on “temporary” projects, instead that menu appears grayed out.  The trick here is to add a Explorer item to your Tools menu, and give it the argument of $(ItemDir) This allows you to open the […]

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Return what ???

I was looking at Lisa’s latest blog entries, and the second last screen shot made me sit back and say “what”:   In that example of Lisa’s, the local variable surfaceArea is actually the one that VB creates for you by default, allowing you to assign to the function name. If you don’t explicitly return […]

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I’ll drink to that ….

A month or two ago there was a news report of a “scientific” study regarding beer and re-hydration after exercise. The study showed that beer was better than water for rehydration after exercise.  Now today I read that if you drink and exercise, you have less chance of heart disease than those who only exercise.  […]

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