In the garden :January 2008 wrap-up

To make it easier for me to track the garden changes, I’m going to try doing monthly wrap-ups…..


In the Orchard:

It’s been a mixed bag in the orchard this year.  The cherries were plentiful at the start of December, and there’s been lots of plums with the earliest ones ripening in mid January. Now the Nashi (Asian pear) are ready to eat, and they’re lovely and refreshing πŸ™‚

There’s two different types in the above photo, so some of the greener looking ones are actually more ripe than some of the golden ones.

The Nashi’s haven’t set a lot of fruit this year.  I think a late frost hit them and the apricots pretty hard. Pears and Apples have set fruit well, and plums have set way too many, resulting in some damage as limbs break due to the excessive load.  This picture is one of the few Nashi trees that had a decent fruit set:



In the veggie path


The veggie patch is doing well, keeping me in salads and vegetables πŸ™‚ 

Zucchini are at that rampant growth stage at present.  I picked them back hard, and within a week there’s massive foot long zucchinis again.



Tomatoes are doing well. The grape tomatoes are great in salads. I’ll definitely be growing them again. The improved apollos are doing okay, nothing great. The Mighty Red are doing really good, and they’re yummy. They’re also on the list for next season.






Cucumbers are just starting to come in.  I had a late start with them as I tried using seed I saved from last season’s crop and it didn’t germinate at all πŸ™  Probably a hybrid instead of an open pollinated variety… I should have paid more attention.  But I did plant some and at present I’m seeing if they will grow up a crisscross trellis of sorts. This is the first of the cucumbers (about 10 inches long)



Beans have been doing really well. The bush beans (slenderettes) are nearing getting old but still have lots of beans on them. The climbing varieties, in particular the scarlet runner beans are now providing me lovely crisp beans suitable for salads.



The bush beans are good as they are quick to mature, but the climbers provide beans over a longer period.  I grew only a few dwarf peas this year, and will use them mainly for seed for future crops, although I think from now on I’ll mainly grow snow peas. .  Some of the snow peas came away from the trellis, but I think the problem was I provided the trellis late so they were only loosely attached, and often by attaching to each other.  I’m keeping the good strong tall ones for seed next sowing. Still getting plenty for salads and snacks while wandering in the garden πŸ˜‰

All the carrots and beetroot are doing really well.  The self sown cos and coral lettuce are starting to go to seed, but I can still get a handful of nice leaves from them.. that’s the good thing about cos. I’ve sown some more lettuce but they’re still about 4 weeks away. I probably should sow some more now too.  The sweet basil is just starting to take off, so I’m pinching out the tops and using just a little in salads.. (yum πŸ™‚

And of course there’s lots of silverbeet:





One of the nice things about gardening is the waiting πŸ˜‰ I’ve got two little patches of celery, both of which I should be able to get a few stalks from soon.  The capsicums also look to be just weeks away :



and the sweet corn is now over 8 foot tall and the cobs are swelling:



The pumpkins have run over the fallow beds and have set some good sized pumpkins already… these are almost a foot in diameter already:



In the orchard the blood plums will start soon, as to will the early apples:



And then the season will draw to  an end as the Chestnut’s ripen:



The weather:

January has been pleasant but dry. Rainfall is less than half the average . Temperatures have typically been in the mid 20’s (Celsius), with only one hot day in the second week getting up to almost 40 C (104 F)


And that’s the January 2008 wrap-up for the garden…. well not really, but that’s all I’m writing for now ….. πŸ˜‰

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