Blood plums

The blood plums are in season now.  Apart from lovely eating fresh, last night I found they cook really well with ripe Nashi fruit, balances the flavours superbly. The Nashi sweeten them much like pear juice is used in conserves.  This is really handy, because Pears usually don’t ripen till late in the season, where-as you can grow fresh Nashi and Plums that will be ripe at the same time 🙂


My favourite blood plums (pictured above) .  I’m not exactly sure which variety they are but think they are Mariposa : large fruit approx 60 to 65 mm (2 1/2 inch) diameter, stone semi cling (actually comes out with just a minor tuff of flesh, so more free stone than cling, IMO ;))

The trees this year had way too much fruit on them, so they have suffered some damage from broken limbs, and they have dropped a lot of fruit on the ground too. The other day I saw the ducks having a feed of them, especially flattened ones; they’ll shake them about, and the young ducks will try to get a feed from the ones the parents pick.. looks almost like they are tearing apart raw meats steaks <g>