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PlatformVB has moved.

PlatformVB pages are now at I got an email from Herfried Wagner yesterday asking about my PlatformVB site.  For those who don’t know it, it’s an old VB6 set of pages I use to have that had a couple of bits of useful code and a lot of code about RAS (dialup networking).  Folks […]

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VB6 support till 2018 ?

As you probably know Windows Server 2008 has been released.  I set up a virtual machine for the 64 bit Win 2008 with VMWare (Virtual PC doesn’t support 64 bit) and was happily surprised to see I could just drag a VB6 application into the VM and it ran 🙂 So the good news is […]

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democratize ?

In what seems to be the latest buzz word at Microsoft, seems everything is being democratised.  I first noticed the term when Eric Meijer talked about “democratizing  the cloud”. Then yesterday I was reading Mary Jo Folley’s article on Microsoft’s eight long term growth bets. Mary quotes Ballmer as saying they will “democratize virtualization”.  And […]

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In the garden :January 2008 wrap-up

To make it easier for me to track the garden changes, I’m going to try doing monthly wrap-ups…..   In the Orchard: It’s been a mixed bag in the orchard this year.  The cherries were plentiful at the start of December, and there’s been lots of plums with the earliest ones ripening in mid January. […]

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