Birds in my veggie garden

As I write this I’m looking out the window into my veggie garden where the rosellas are having a feast on the sunflowers again. There was so much activity around my sunflowers and tomatoes (probably an exquisite combination for the birds… actually sounds quite nice really, but probably nicer lightly roasted/grilled 😉 ) I decided to take a few photos.


Rosella in the orchard:



crimson rosellas eating my sunflowers:



Red Wattle bird. These guys love tomatoes, apples and pears .  They are called “Red” because of the red things (called wattles) on their neck.



And a magpie. These guys are mainly meat eaters:



Of course, my favourite little birds like the blue wren and the wagtails etc, weren’t to be seen while I had the camera… maybe next time …

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  1.   Julie Lerman on April 6th, 2008          

    Those are so exotic to this Vermont based girl. We don’t have a lot of brightly colored birds around here – cardinals, finches are common. Anything else is a little thrill for the day.

  2.   bill on April 6th, 2008          

    Would you beleive that the first picture of the Rosella (the greenish one in the orchard) is possibly a young scarlet rosella ! There’s a lot of them, so I’m not sure if they are a sub species or the young’ones. the young ones often have simialr colors but much more motley.

    One really bright one we get here is the king parrots. Similar kind of bird, but the colors are almost flurescent.

    Do you have wood peckers there ? I can’t think of other brightly coloured birds I’ve seen there.

    Hey, just thought of somethign really funny. Here we have those brightly coloured birds, but just down the road (say 50 km or so) we’ve got fairy penguins 😉

  3.   bill on April 6th, 2008          

    Wow, those cardinals (just did a wikipedia on them) are pretty bright !!!