VB finished ??

If you open Visual Studio 2008, you’ll notice that the start page for VB hasn’t been updated since December 4th, 2007.  Strangely enough the VB team’s blog still seems to be used from time to time.  Hopefully someone’s just asleep at the wheel over at Microsoft and this might get fixed.  It really shouldn’t have gone for over 4 months before anyone noticed !!!!

In the meanwhile, change the feed to the Visual Studio feed, or my feed if you like 😉

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  1.   Kathleen on April 7th, 2008          


    This seemed sort of fishy so I reset my environment to VB to see what the VB feed did. However, when I do this I get content up to March 31.

    I don’t usually use the VB feed, but I think there may be something broken in how VS feeds, or that feed in particularly refreshes. If you change your feed back to it, or reset your environment, do you still see no posts since Dec. 4?


  2.   bill on April 7th, 2008          

    Hey, looks like someone has fixed it without saying anything 😉

    BTW: You can click on the link and open it in IE.

  3.   Amr Alaa on April 22nd, 2008          

    last week i was attended the microsoft developer confrance , all examples was in c# , even the quiz was in c# , i asked one of the instructors , is vb dead , or vb is no more ? and i got no answer , the only answer was “C# is a good tool to”

    i am MCP in vb since 2002 (vb6 and vb.net) i understand c# code , i told my self “ok lest use both tools” , then i tried to write my first real application on c# , i spend a hole day to do so then i come up with a question that i need answer for
    if vb.net and c# are defrant flavors of .net (as many MS documents say) and every thing goes to msil at the end , is that mains that all .net languages are equal?

    if vb.net = c# in term of power , why shoul i leave the fully matured editor to a un matured one?

    for my c# editor = vb3editor,
    no lines between methods
    case sensitive names
    and the missing “()” every time i use tostring i forgot () and the complier stops and tell my that () are missing , why he did not add them automatically like vb do ?

    and the desine time error cheker , in c# i have to press F5 to compli the application and find out any errors , and if there are any , when i correct them , the error red line under the code is stil visiable until next conpile ?

    also sniptes , vb has a lot of snipets , c# has just a littel part of it ,

    at the end of my day i role back my disition and return back to vb and read the c# exaples , some times i convert them to vb

    last thing i would like to say that ” i am proude to be a Vbian ”