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Apple = Malus or is that "Malice"

What is up with Apple Computers ?  Now they are taking GreenNYC to court because they use an apple as their logo.  What’s next, they’ll be telling me I can’t refer to any of the individual apples in my orchard as an Apple, instead I must call them Malus domestica ?  I think the term […]

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that strange feeling of déjà vu ?

Why do they make it that we need to get up at 3AM to set the clocks back to 2AM ?  Is it so when you go back to sleep you get to have the same dreams again ?  And what about those poor shift workers ?  Imagine if your shift finished at 4AM, then […]

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no triffids there ?

I’m in utter disbelieve that people don’t automatically know the 1962/63 cult classic film, “the day of the triffids“

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Google kicks Microsoft’s a**

Well April first pranks have come and gone.  Google, the fun company, had lots of hilarious April 1st pages and sub sites on their web: Virgle colony to Mars, Moon base work centre, new google anytime scheduling; all really well done 🙂 Microsoft on the other hand seemed relatively sedate.  I can imagine the company […]

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