Update Foxit PDF reader !

If you have Foxit PDF reader, make sure you update to the latest build, V2.3 Build 2923.  This fixes a potential bug in the way script is passed that could lead to a buffer overflow exploit.

If you don’t have Foxit, get it now, and dump that old Adobe Acrobat Reader bloatware stuff.  Foxit is light weight and fast. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and won’t go back to Adobe, that’s for sure. 

Oh, and if you do have Acrobat Reader installed, also make sure it is patched. You will probably also find that Adobe loads a quick launch into your system’s startup to make it *appear* it start’s quickly, when in fact it just slows down your system’s startup times. (run msconfig to remove it)

The download for foxit reader is about 2.3 MB.


Enjoy 🙂