a snake ?


Nah, a blue tongue lizard. But when you first see them and only see their head or part of their body it’s hard to tell.  I saw this guy while I was cleaning up in one of the windbreaks. Being the start of winter he was pretty slow, so I could grab my camera and take a few pictures. He hissed a couple of times, but wasn’t into showing off so I couldn’t get any photos of why they get their name 😉



The are well camouflaged in the leaf litter, just are many of our snakes. More often that not it’s the tell tale rustle of the leaves that gives them away:

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  1.   Julie Lerman on May 31st, 2008          

    At least your lizard is smarter than my snake who seems to have found a happy home in the dog poop. Eeeew.

  2.   bill on May 31st, 2008          

    Yeh saw that on your blog. I imagien for a snake it would be a perfect home, sheltered, under-ground, warmth from the decomposition, and probably not wet. Of coruse the smell is another thing 😉