How many files ??

Windows Defender told me it scanned 12,843,673 objects !!!

scan statistics

Admittedly that included another drive with Win 2008 on it, but that’s still a lot of files.  I noticed that the objects includes the contents of help files including MSDN. Even still, I figure it would take me half  year to look at each of them for just one second !!

So this got me curious as to how many files there are on my Vista drive. It has Visual Studio, Office and some other stuff. 

At root level, there’s over one hundred and forty thousand files (140,000) and nearly twenty thousand folders !!  Twenty thousand folders I thought, nah couldn’t be… that’s crazy.  So I looked around a little more..

The windows directory tree contains over 70,000 files and about 14,400 folders !   14,400 folders… you’ve got to be kidding me ….

The windows\winsxs directory tree has 41,400 files and 10,560 folders !  All this sxs compatibility sure does take up a lot of space and folders.  But there’s still 3,800 or so folders elsewhere in the windows tree…

There’s almost a thousand folders inside the Windows\System32 tree, but turns out the main source in there is almost 700 that are in the DriversStore, (again a compatibility thing).  Of the remaining 2,800 folders or so in the windows tree, Microsoft.Net was 100,  the Inf tree was 220 or so,the installer tree about 100 or so, etc. The remaining big one was the Assembly path (aka the GAC) which had almost 1,700 folders !!

Sure does seem a lot……..