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Satin Bower Bird

Yesterday I heard a thump as a bird flew into a window. She was okay, just a bit stunned it seemed.   She eventually flew off after a couple of bloopers where she flew into the wall, then flew into the veggie garden fence… must be that new extreme sports flying. I had no idea […]

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Another lawn mower…

How cute is this ?   Seems a bit earlier this year. Last year I took a photo of the then new “mower”  early September. Although in that picture that joey looks older than this one.  Here’s another snap of this year’s. I think that roo on the left in the picture is the same […]

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In the Garden : Winter 2008

It’s winter but still a lot of activity in the garden. The orchard is quiet, a lot of pruning jobs awaiting. But my Meyer lemon is just about to produce it’s 2nd crop of lemons… enough to keep scurvy away over winter 😉  The Meyer lemons are really sweet for a lemon: I saw some […]

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