Text preview filters for Vista|Windows 2008

I really like the preview pane in explorer in Vista, but it doesn’t have previews for a lot of text based files registered.  You can of course write your own or download and install some other preview filters, but personally I find a text preview is all I generally need.  So I re-use the existing Text preview handler and apply it to a range of file types including batch files, .bat, xml, .reg files, .vb and .cs files etc.   Just copy and run the following .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00












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  1.   Andy Tearle on July 27th, 2008          

    Excellent ! and the photos of the Farm too !
    I have been searching for this info for ever …
    In the event that I chose to use the same instruction to allow me to view ps1 files … am I leaving myself open to any unintended disasters ? Your advice would be most welcome.
    Regards from NZ
    and Thanks

  2.   bill on August 5th, 2008          

    Hi Andy,

    ps1 files being power shell, then yeh the text viewer should do the trick and no side effects. It doesn’t change the file association, jsut the preview handler. I

    Thansk for the comments about the farm pics 🙂