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Catching up with comments

Apologies to all as I have been slack in filtering out the spam, and replying to comments.  Hopefully I’ve caught up now 🙂

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In the Garden: July – August 2008

  Although it’s the midst of winter, some of the fruit trees are already in blossom (wild pear above).  I still have a LOT of pruning I should try to get around to.  I’ve also decided that I will try to plant one or two new fruit trees every year, to help build diversity, plus […]

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Are iterators fundamentally flawed ?

It seems apparent that with computers as we currently know them, processors are now set to scale out not up.. that is, clock speeds aren’t rapidly growing, and certainly not doubling every year or two, instead the number of processors on a chip is.  As a case in evidence, 2 or 3 years ago, my […]

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