Bike riding again

I have to confess I’m a fair weather rider.  I had to just about force myself to go for the first ride for the season the other week: it was a lovely day, but as I rode it got chilly.  Today was the first of the “I have to go for a ride” days where every muscle is itching to go for a ride.  This time I decided to take the old rail trail:

Today I did a quick 20km. The first half is mainly downhill, which is nice and relaxing. Then the home stretch is 5 km or so of the old rail line, all with a moderate gradient up. Then a bit of a downhill to unwind the legs again followed by a couple of serious hill climbs then home and a nice cold beer 🙂

You can see why I make excuses to go for a ride in the afternoon 🙂

Oh, but today I was slightly hesitant.  It just felt like a day to see snakes on the track.  There were none on the rail trail, as it looks like they have only recently cleaned up the edges. But there was one on the road and I missed it by a foot or two as I zoomed down the hill at 50km/hr.  Funny thing is after I passed that one I was feeling more relaxed as I figured that was my quota for the day 🙂