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In the Garden : Nov 2008

November is the month of flowers…   Straw flowers in the rockery:  very bright !!  (is it just me or does that photo look kind of surreal//photo-shopped ?  It isn’t, it’s straight form the camera, but those young flowers look like someone has pasted them there <g>)   Around the straw flowers some ground covers […]

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What we have here is a failure to communicate

you can tell from the title there’s a Friday rant coming can’t you ?  Well yeh, sometimes what should be a simple task of writing code becomes painstakingly slow.  Take for example this one line of code:   Dim doc = XDocument.Load("abc.xml")   Now if you like to write robust code, somewhere in your mind […]

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What does VB 10 have ?

To answer what is in VB 10, have a look at the document on the vb futures site.  Basically the list is removal for the need of the line continuation character in many places, collection and array initializers, multi statement lambdas, and generic variance. I decided to look back at my brief wish lists for […]

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