What does VB 10 have ?

To answer what is in VB 10, have a look at the document on the vb futures site.  Basically the list is removal for the need of the line continuation character in many places, collection and array initializers, multi statement lambdas, and generic variance.

I decided to look back at my brief wish lists for VB10

VB 10 thoughts Part 1
VB 10 thoughts Part 2
VB 10 thoughts Part 3 
VB 10 thoughts Part 4
VB 10 thoughts Part 5
VB 10 thoughts Part 6
VB 10 thoughts Part 7
VB 10 thoughts Part 8
VB 10 thoughts Part 9

Seems I did very poorly.  The only match I got was number 6 multi statement lambdas. I should have had generic variance in the list considering that’s something I wanted since I first saw .NET generics  although that really is a framework thing not a language thing. The continuation character, collection and array initializers all seem nice, but functionally trivial to void.  Ironically, C#. which has many of those things on my list also picked up a couple it didn’t such as dynamic and they implemented optional parameters as they should be.  I must admit that hurts, especially as the optional parameters issues was my #1 item.

For some reason in this new era of supposed language parity, I feel short changed 🙁