VB Snippet Editor

Over the last week I’ve got a sudden influx of emails about the Snippet Editor.  I’m figuring this is stemming from Lisa’s recent blog entry and her tips and trips for VS 2008 presentation :) 

Some of the emails have been really nice praise, folks wanting to add some features, a bug on XP 64 (which unfortunately is about the only OS I don’t have in my testing suite), and some general questions around snippets.  So I gave this lots of thought and decided to put up a site on CodePlex. This will allow people to add features, work together on bugs, and share discussions around snippets including future directions for the snippet editor.

The new codeplex site will be at http://www.codeplex.com/SnippetEditor

It’s not ready yet, and will probably be a week while I get all the bits together and ensure there’s no rude words in the code comments etc ;)  I was hesitant about moving to CodePlex as I was really disappointed how gotdotnet was just closed down and not migrated. And I should add here a word of caution for those in charge should CodePlex go a similar route.. I will travel the continents and track you down and when I find you stare at you for a really long time until you feel uncomfortable !!  ;)  (Seriously, please don’t close codeplex)

So, all going well, the Snippet Editor will be on CodePlex this time next week.  I’ll make sure to post when it’s ready and redirect my current site there.  Any suggestions on the open  source license eula etc most welcome.