Colds and Flu

The last couple of weeks I’ve had what seems to be both a cold and the flu. In the process I learnt some things about them …

First off, they spread easily. We had a two weekend fire line leadership course,  running from Friday after work till Sunday midday both weekends.  On the first week there was one person with a cold, and another with what was probably the flu. By the following week another six members of the class of twenty three had signs of a cold or similar.

Me, I thought I had caught a cold the first week, and had the usual running nose symptoms etc. Then when I got back from the second weekend I got hit hard with a fever. That seemed to knock the cold symptoms away, but what I had left was the flu as characterised by strong fevers, complete lack of energy and muscle aches. In my particular case my thighs and calves were like they were burning really really hot.  I now know first hand the difference between cold and flu 😉

After the first night of fever I thought I was pretty much right or at least getting better for the next couple of days only to be hit by fever again. Foolishly I though that was it and was out and about again the next day. That night the real fever hit and hit hard. My temp was at 40C for hours (I think that’s 104F in old talk). Probably the scary part of that was I wasn’t really sweating. The next day it was hovering more around 39, and at times some profuse sweating which at least meant things were still working ;)  All up it knocked me out for the best part of three days.  Btu I did learn about safe temperatures.

  • Above 40, it’s hospital time.
  • 39 to 40: as long as it is fever it’s okay, just keep up fluids an try to reduce the temp a bit.
    NOTE: if it is heat stroke this temp is too high and must be cooled.
  • 38 to 39 fever. Normally nothing to worry about
  • 37 to 38.  slightly warm (above 37.5 is considered mild fever, but is more like flushed IMO)


So that’s been my fun for the last week or so.  One cool thing was I upgraded my main machine from Vista x64 to Windows 7 x64 whilst I wasn’t doing anything (more on that later).

I’m still catching up with emails, may take me a day or two more yet.