Screen-cast recording tools

Recently I got this email from Ted:

Hi Bill!

Love the snippet tool, it’s great!

I’m curious, what tool did you use to produce the screencast for the tool? The quality is awesome!

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


The answer to that is I used Camtasia Studio 5. It’s really easy to use and lots of options on output formats. And it will even produce the basic html file for you with the embedded video etc.

Note: I really like Camtasia. I do also get it for free from the nice folks at TechSmith as they value the contribution MVPs make to the community, and that makes it even easier to like 🙂

An alternative worth looking at is Expression Encoder 3 Screen Capture which comes with Microsoft Expression 3. I’ve only given it a quick test drive and it seemed pretty good. Picking formats was a little daunting, but I got it to produce some good quality wmv files that were really good for the bandwidth (small file size). I haven’t driven it enough to find how to produce web files that embed the video; my guess is it would be more silverlight orientated. Still if you have a MSDN subscription that includes expression, it’s definitely worth a look at.

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  1.   Waleed El-Badry on August 21st, 2009          

    I totally agree with you Bill. Camtasia is one of the leading tools for scree-casting.

    I only wondering about the proper type of camera that you may use to synchronize your presentation with a live view.