PDC 2010 Sessions

You can view PDC 2010 sessions online at microsoftpdc.com , but you can also download sessions to view later or copy over to your windows 7 phone Smile

The sessions info is all online in one nice big XML file :

Just scroll down or search for <DownloadableContent>

Or if you want you can run some XLinq on it to make it into a nice html doc. Here’s my quick and dirty attempt:

 Dim doc = XDocument.Load("http://videoak.microsoftpdc.com/pdc_schedule/Schedule.xml")

Dim sessions = doc...<Session>

Dim output = <html><body>
                  <%= From sess In sessions Select
                     <div><strong><%= sess.@Code %><%= " " %><%= sess.<ShortTitle>.Value %></strong>
                           <%= sess.<FullDescription>.Value
                              <%= From content In sess...<Content> Select
                                 <a href=<%= content.@Url %>><li><%= content.@Title %></li></a>

.Desktop) &
"\session.html", output.ToString)