HTC Mozart camera photos

The HTC Mozart has an 8 mega-pixel camera built in. The following are some of the photos I have taken with it. All in all, I would say it is okay as a camera, but really it is a phone doubling as a camera.  Zoom is generally terrible and should be avoided.

But it can take some nice photos, and is handy if you left your real camera at home Winking smile

Flowers generally came up well:


Back-lit photos were reasonable: (I’ve seen worse)


Landscape photos weren’t generally that good. I had expected a lot more

Oversaturation was a bit of a problem:


Lots of pixilation,especially with the grass:


And digital zoom made an otherwise cute photo very pixelated:


it was difficult to control the lighting:


Luckily koalas are really slow, so I could move around the tree to get a better angle:


It’s here zoom would have really come in handy. Unfortunately it did a poor job, although the pixilation isn’t as bad as other cases:


Another picture of a kangaroo:


Again, zoom let me down:


Apart from the zoom pixilation issues, the occasional bit of over saturation, and a general shallow field of depth, it’s not a bad camera, but nothing to get excited over.

It is nice you can geo-tag the photos automatically using the phone’s GPS. 

One other disappointment is the “author” of the photos field is automatically set to “Hello from Seattle”, as some little Microsoft Windows Phone 7 joke come easter egg.  It’d be alright if they make it possible for you to change the default author field on the phone, but they don’t. As such, I find it kind-of rude for them to say they are the authors of the pictures I take: no other camera I own would dare to try to make such a claim.  There’s the hardware tag if they want to stamp their name. That’s another thing they really need to fix.