My Windows Phone 7 Xmas wish list

As much as I like Windows Phone 7, there’s some really key areas that are missing. The following is my xmas wish list :

1.  Give me my compass back.

When I bought my HTC Mozart, I did so with the understanding it had a gps and compass.  On the HTC web site it says :


This illusion was even more exaggerated by so called navigation applications that actually show virtual compass dials: thing is they don’t work, and at best can only give you your course based on differential gps. When you’re on foot (especially in the Australian bush) that simply is not good enough.

So Microsoft, please give me access to my compass.

2. Provide Content Providers

Those of you who work with certain other phones, probably know what I am talking about when I say ContentProvider’s. It’s the broad ability for applications to share data/”content”. It’s the key programmatical interface missing in Windows Phone 7.

ContentProviders can allow access to the phone contacts list (with permissions); they can provide access to documents in the office hub; they can allow applications to choose whom they share data with; they can even provide a clipboard service.

3. Let me work with my PC

It really should be straight forward to connect the phone to my PC and put files on the phone. Today, unless you have exchange, the only way to work with documents is to email them to yourself. Skydrive, despite what some people may tell you, definitely DOES NOT synchronize office documents; it only synchronizes your OneNote. But even if they do fix skydrive, I shouldn’t be forced to copy documents over the web to get them from my PC to my phone and back.

One of the key reasons I went with Windows Phone was the belief that they would have great synergy with the PC. At present they don’t. At present it doesn’t even work well with the cloud, only exchange.  (again, perhaps the way to address this is via ContentProvider’s)

So please Microsoft, give me better PC to phone sync and synergy.


There’s more I could easily put on my list, but Christmas is coming soon, and I’m sure the elves in Redmond are busy working away at something. It’d be really nice if Microsoft addressed some of these, even in the form of an announcement and a time frame (and some CTP’s?); even better if they do it before Christmas.

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  1.   Kevin J Baird on November 17th, 2010          

    I agree with this. I’d also like centralized email management. And, if we’re making a wish list, if I look at the People app and see the history of what my various contacts have done at various times, it’d be really great if it also showed their text messages and call times mixed in. Why divide it when you’re trying to centralize it?