Garmin false advertising

I bought a new garmin gps in the weekend. Garmin was (and still is at the time of writing this) advertising the unit as having free downloads for school zones, and as having red light cameras etc. From their web:


Yet if you try to find the school zones you’ll be out of luck because they aren’t there.  They use to be; I know because I have downloaded them before for my previous garmin gps.

So I rang support, and the support person (after waiting 15 minutes), walked me through to sign up for a $30 a year subscription. I said to him, this was meant to be free; to which he said it wasn’t and suggested I email them the pages where it says it is.

I must say I am really disappointed in Garmin. So beware, if you are buying a Garmin GPS for someone this christmas, don’t believe what they say on their web site. Apparently Garmin equates “free download” to mean “$30 a year”.

Lying bastards.