Bug synchronising contact with Windows Phone 7

I had one of those weird bugs on my windows phone 7 where the phone would report an error 800C0069 and would fail to synchronize on the primary account. This can be a major headache as there is no way to remove the primary account on Windows Phone 7 without doing a complete reset.  I also noticed that immediately before the error it would give a message about contacts 0/1. So I turned on full logging to try to get more details, but never could find how to get the actual log file.

Eventually I narrowed the problem down to my girlfriend !!  Turns out it was her entry that wasn’t synchronising for some reason. I wiped the phone of all other contacts, but the phone wouldn’t let me delete her contact card: I could modify it, but every time I tried to delete it the people hub would immediately close. Conspiracy theories running wild …….. Winking smile

Finally, after searching the web for a while, I came across a fix that at first seems so crazy, I’m still left wondering how someone even found it. You go to Settings, Region & Language, and change the System locale. You’ll be prompted to restart. After the restart you can change the system locale back, and magically, hey presto everything should be working again !!!  

I re-synched mine and all my contacts are back. I’m guessing the problem is/was there is a file that tracks changes ready for the next synch; and that file got corrupted somehow. And maybe when you change the locale, that file is deleted, which then gives you a clean state to start again. Anyway it works, bizaree as it might be. Kudos to those that found this.