Rotate your Calculator on Windows Phone

Today I has having some discussions over the right roof pitch for a car port, so I grabbed my phone, rotated it and did some quick trigonometry.  Ten minutes later I tried to do the same and I could only see HEX and BIN, not Sin and Tan et al.  I’d forgotten it all depends on whether or not you turn it left or right.

Rotate the calculator to the left for trigonometry functions.

Rotate the calculator to the right for logical/programmer mode.

I’ll try not to forget next time; was embarrassing when I had to get the laptop out to do an inverse tan calculation, after having using the phone for similar calculations just ten minutes earlier Winking smile

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  1.   Thomas O on June 9th, 2012          

    And how do you calculate the inverse? I can only see the non inversed.

  2.   bill on June 9th, 2012          

    Sadly I don’t think you can. There’s a couple of good free scientific calculators in the apps marketplace you can use instead.