What I’d really like in a phone

The software a phone runs is important but the hardware is even more so. My current day to day phone is the Lumia 800, and the previous one was a HTC mozart. To me the difference is massive. The lumia has a much better display, better reception (which is really important to me), and better battery life. Like I said the difference is massive to *me*.

So whilst thinking/talking hardware, here’s some of the updates I’d like to see:

  1. No more charge cables !  I’m sick of plugging in my phone to charge it. Sure there’s those adapters with pins and charge pads, but I’d really like some like inductive charging. If it’s good enough for my toothbrush I’m sure they can make it work for phones Smile
  2. NFC. Yes many phones already have this, enabling secure payment. Unlike a credit card you can remotely lock a phone if it lost/stolen. Plus it’s one less thing I have to carry if all cash transactions can be done with the phone


  3. Smart key integration. I’m sick of keys. It’d be nice if my phone could replace all my keys, starting with the car keys first.


  4. More wireless communications. Apple has some of this, but it would be nice if it was all open standards. I’d like to be able to post my phone screen to the television; wirelessly print and general wireless device communications. We’re very close on this …
  5. Tougher gorilla glass.

Most of those things are about less clutter, less cables. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to worry about keys, wallet, phone, pager, instead just had to grab one device to do it all Smile  First on my list is get rid of the daily grind of charging it !!!