Work separation between a designer and a web programmer

There are a vast amount of products that claims that they separate presentation and logic but are they actually real? Mostly people will be negative with that opinion usually. So what’s the problem with the scenario.

What i think is that there are no product that assures roundtrip development(and code preservation) between the two. Designer’s input to programmers are mostly rough and apt to be modified. Of course if the modifications like code clean up and errors doesn’t change the original intent of the designer, there would be no problem. But in fact, most tools that both sides use doesn’t assure it and problem comes from that fact. Oppositely, Programmer’s input to designer’s is funnily changed most of the time. That’s also the tools fault. So, the mismatch goes on and on which prevents real logic and design separation.

Anyway, tools are evolving to support roundtrip development and tool vendors are combining their heads to solve that piece so in the near future(a few more years?)…and i’m thrilled to see designers and programmers get together without heavy noise on why they changed this or that 🙂

16 thoughts on “Work separation between a designer and a web programmer

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