The point of this article is not to point out how hard it is to use JQuery or anything like that; rather, JQuery is very easy and efficient to use.  However, as with any third-party JS library (I happen to be using JQuery at the moment), using this library with third-party .NET controls is difficult.  The reason is because what you may assume a control actually is made up of isn’t really what it is.  For instance, suppose you want to tap into the RadComboBox from the Telerik framework; you’d assume that it’s a variation of the <SELECT> element, but it’s not.  Actually, it uses a varying set of tables and divs to makeup the structure.

So a JQuery statement to access something within one of these controls may actually look like:

$(“controlid > table > tbody > tr > td > div”)

and so on.  It could be pretty big.  In order to figure out what to tap into, it’s helpful to have FireFox and FireBug installed, which easily allows you view the DOM and figure out what you need to tap into.